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Fenexart – The know-how !

The Fenexart signature now represents four branches of the manufacturing company Aluminart for nearly 50 years. They’ve been manufacturing a complete range of windows made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or Hybrid windows (aluminum-PVC) and a wide variety of steel doors in order to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

All our windows and steel doors are custom-made to the exact size required, it allows an adequate installation for the most professional work according to the rules of the art.

Depending on your selection criteria when choosing your windows; whether if it’s the solidity, the finish, the aesthetics, the performance, the appearance or finally the ease of maintenance you’re looking for; be assured that we have the product that will meet your needs.

So for, all your window projects, whether it’s for replacing or acquiring a front door, sliding patio door, casement, awning, sliding or hung window; Fenexart has the right product for you!

Our history

From its known experience in the field of windows and doors, Mr. Jean Lefebvre acquired Aluminart Architectural Inc. in 1972 at the time, his company was a an all aluminum fenestration products manufaturer. Then, Aluminart slowly integrated PVC (polyvinyl chloride) window manufacturing and subsequently started fabricating for our market the hybrid window that has become very popular since. A few years ago, in 2012, Aluminart bought the company Peinture Dumoulin Inc., allowing it to complete its offer and to ensure total control of the quality of its products in terms of colors and finishes.

In 1999, Mr. Lefebvre will integrate his family members into the company’s operations  allowing him to open branches focused on sales directly to consumers. The companies Contracto 2000 (Sherbrooke), Contracto 3000 (Quebec), Les Fenêtres Guy Fafard & Fils (Montreal) and Les Portes & Fenêtres Juva (McMasterville) all joined the Aluminart group as its own retailers.

To allow better recognition of notoriety, the Fenexart signature brand was introduced to better represent these four fenestration retailers and thus ensure sustained growth and a vision focused on the future.

The art of choosing well… is choosing us!


nearly 50 years of manufacturing
doors and windows


branches under the Fenexart banner

a signature from …

Fenêtres Guy Fafard & Fils Inc.

Family business serving the owners of residences located in Montreal, Fenêtres Guy Fafard & Fils Inc. has sold and installed quality windows and doors for over 40 years. You will therefore be in good hands, with local experts and brands that are all from here!

We are proud to announce that, for the 17th consecutive year, Fenêtres Guy Fafard et Fils inc is recommended for housing by CAA-Quebec.

Contracto 3000 inc.

Located in the Limoilou area since 2002, Contracto 3000 Portes et Fenêtres Inc. offers superior quality products and unparalleled service to customers in the greater Quebec City region. The company offers a full service sale and installation of windows and doors at manufacturer’s prices.

Contracto 2000 inc.

Contracto 2000 Portes et Fenêtres Inc. is well established in the Sherbrooke region. We have been operating for over 21 years in the Rock Forest area. We are specialists in the field of home improvement and working with self-contractors. Our experienced sales team will be able to support you throughout your purchasing process by offering you expert advices and features on our quality products and the design that will enhance your home.

Contracto 2000 is recommended for residential use by CAA-Quebec for the 21st consecutive year in the Estrie region.

Portes et Fenêtres Juva inc.

Its unparalleled tips and advice service, its reputation for excellence and its methods marked by rigorous professionalism make Portes et Fenêtres Juva inc. stand out from the competition. A recent independent survey places it in first position in terms of customer satisfaction. This mark of excellence can only be obtained through real efforts to optimize practical methods of unique products and services experience.

Logo recommandé par CAA Québec
Proud to participate in the recovery of cartridges for the MIRA Foundation.


Popular questions asked

01. What does the Fenexart signature mean ?

The only banner representing the branches of Aluminart group. Contracto 2000 in Sherbrooke, Contracto 3000 in Quebec City, Les Guy Guy Fafard & Fils in Montreal and Les Portes et Fenêtres Juva located in McMasterville.

02. What does custom-made turnkey concept mean?

This means that through the various Aluminart group branches, each stage of your project, tips and advices, manufacturing and installation are carried out by one of the group’s companies. The products are made in Quebec according to the exact dimensions measured and required for your property.

03. Does your family business have an insured successor?

Indeed, the owner’s children take over at various levels and key positions in the group’s companies.

04. Are you members of recognized associations ?

We are CAA Habitation recommended, the majority of our products are Energy Star certified. They comply with the RénoClimat program and we are members of the APCHQ.

05. Do you make all your products ?

We manufacture the majority of the products sold by Fenexart. Depending on the region, we also offer complementary products such as garage doors, balconies and much more to allow customers who trust us to buy everything they need from the same retailer.

06. Why would I buy at Fenexart more than anywhere else ?

Fenexart takes care of a judicious and guaranteed purchase. Whether if it’s by relevant advices, manufacturing with controlled quality and turnkey installation, R.B.Q skill cards; our client will be served with total confidence and in trust.