The wooden window

This traditional english style window is distinguished by its elegance and its unrivalled waterproofness. It is the most waterproof wooden hung window on the market. 

Features and benefits

Exterior shaps wood or aluminum

The wooden casement window is available in all-wood shaps or with aluminum extrusion glazed outside.

By focusing on aluminum, you will avoid regular maintenance and keep its exterior appearance longer.

Sliding opening

Its opening is a sliding with a rope balance mechanism

Simple or double hung

The hung window comes with 1 or 2 rockers. Full or half size screen.


The addition of a sidebar allows to style the window. Size of 7/8 or 1 9/16 inches.

Top quality handle

The handle is available in metallic, coppertone or white colors.

Quality locks

The metallic lcoks comes in 2 colors: coppertones and white.

The Énergiverre

This seal glass unit consist of 2 windows with the Swisspacer interlayer with Low-E coating and argon gas.

Allows to keep the maximum solar gain inside for a reduction of heating costs.

The swisspacer

At Fenexart, we prefer the Swisspacer tab.

This feature eliminates the plastic corners that often cause gas to leak and water vapour to enter between the lenses.

The Swisspacer has the lowest level of thermal conductivity on the market.

Choice of tiles

The most varied offer with countless possibilities.

Of all shapes and sizes.

New; tiling 1 3/4 inches.


More than 15 tint choices available. Request our samples.


The standard exterior colors are; white, black, commercial brown, ivory and sand. Other optional colors available.

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