Patio doors |  PVC

Conventional, it offers the best value for money. It has all the desired assets. Its ease of opening, its large glazed surface, and its insulation make the PVC patio door almost indispensable to a home.

Choice of componant

630 Model

Patio door 630 is the result of 35 years of experience at Novatech. It installs easily and ensures superior energy efficiency that meets the Energy Star standard.

Beyond its current look and exceptional performance, this door is the most versatile of our range. Designed with a variety of options that adapt to your type of construction.

550 Model

Combine an authentic look with exceptional performance thanks to our 550 door.

These double or triple sealed units ensure superior energy efficiency and unparalleled comfort. Its incomparable finish is the ideal solution for your renovation projects. Its wood and PVC frame allows a great ease of installation.

Decorative accessories

Divider 1 3/4 inch, 1 X 3 ou 1 x 4


Georgien 5/8 ou 1 inch. 3 x 5 ou 3 x 6

Head tile

Rectangular 5/16, 3 x 1

Prestige handle

Single or double point mortise handle.

Signature handles

Opt for the Signature handle available in several finishes: brass, antique brass, brushed nickel, oiled bronze, brushed chrome, and brushed antique pewter.

Integrated blinds

Integrated blinds highly durable and easy to use. Available in white or silver.

Double-point mechanism

Mortise handle with double points.

Three-position lock

Allows the bar to leave restricted opening against unwanted introductions.

Safety bar

Made of aluminum. Built-in and tilts to bar.

Choice of solid paint

More than 100 solid color choices, both outside and inside the product by our own Dumoulin paint factory.

The passion of colour

Peinture Dumoulin was founded in 1980. At the time, the main activity of the company was making kitchen cabinet finishing.

In 1982, the company took off with the start of painting steel doors.

After a few years, the activities of the company expanded by adding a paint shop of PVC windows as well as, windows and aluminum extrusions.

To meet growing demand, the factory was expanded to 27,000 square feet to accommodate the expansion of our six paint chambers. In total, more than 25 employees are part of the Dumoulin team of the Aluminart group.

Primers that last

Specialist in glazing doors and windows, we use Flexacron™ HR liquid paint, a high-quality, heat-resistant paint. Flexacron HR is an elastomeric polyurethane coating product consisting of a pigmented component and a clear, reactive processing agent. It gradually transforms into a protective film against ultraviolet rays, pollutants, abrasive agents, as well as acid rain.

Flexacron HR has been formulated with highly selective pigments that reflect infrared sunlight. This very special property reduces heat accumulation on the surface of exposed PVC and the temperature remains low enough to prevent warping and discolouration.

This ensures that the color you choose will remain durable and beautiful for years to come.

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