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Our promotions

Greener House Program – Renoclimat Ecoenergetic

Federal grant, managed by Renoclimat, for doors and windows, starting at $125 per opening* in the wall, up to $5000.

* Must be ENERGY STAR® certified
* Must be installed in an existing rough opening

The majority of our products are Energy Star qualified.

Ask our representatives for more information.

See the following site for more information and details;
Energetic transition
Greener homes

$0 Deposit* 0 Payment*
0% Interest* 0 Risk*
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Take advantage of the present time to renovate…
in complete financial security !!

– Keep your cash in a safe place until your first payment in 2023.
– Open personal loan repayable at all times.
– Payment conditional on the execution of the work by the company.

* Conditional on credit approval by a recognized financial company. Interest rates subject to change without notice. Conditions apply.

Request a FREE PRE-APPROVAL with no-obligation
(or request eligibility without affecting your credit score)

Do you want to know your possible budget for your renovations?

This is now possible with Financeit pre-approval.

Free and without commitment
Then, you will have access to our advisor to whom you can talk about your project.

Click on the button for your region below for a direct link to Financeit


CAA member – Benefit !!

Get a 3% * discount (Maximum of $ 100 *) for an order of $ 500 or more.

Ask for your discount before requesting a quote to get it.

* On presentation of the card and membership number
* Cannot be combined with other promotions
* Cannot be applied on previous purchase



Valuable subscription for you!


By subscribing to our newsletter, you will have the chance to win a $ 100 prize!

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In addition to receiving exclusive offers and expert advice, we’ll pick one winner per month, and it could be you!

* 1 random draw of $ 100 per month
* No purchase is necessary
* Ineligible employee
* Period of receipt of the price from 3 to 4 weeks

Date Winner
30-04-2022Stéphanie Lavoie
31-03-2022Michel Laplante
28-02-2022Mame Diallo
31-01-2022Hamid Jaafari
31-12-2021Michèle Perron
30-11-2021Monique Favreau
31-10-2021Katia Michaud
30-09-2021Mario Laurendeau
31-08-2021Carole Temple
31-07-2021Rosemarie Dresdner

Congratulations to Yvon Paquette! winner of the $ 500 prize in our 50th anniversary contest presented at the National Home Show.

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