The Double Nature Duo Hybrid Window

Preferred by those who seek a wooden interior image without maintain, the double nature duo hybrid window is offered in different tint. A financial compromise for those searching for wooden look.

Features and benefits

Aluminum exterior colonial shap

The refined Duo window is entirely made of aluminum extrusion on the outside.

Above is the colonial style shap

Contemporary shap

Adapted to the taste of the day, the contemporary shutter is flat and sleek.

Multiple air chambers

Thanks to its number of air chambers, the Duo Hybrid casement window offers the same insulation performance as any PVC.

The depth is 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 inches to be in the warm part of the wall.

Seal (coex) and weatherstripping

The maximum possible weatherstripping and black coex do not stain.

Coextruded and fused when manufacturing PVC shutters.

The seal around the window is black for a beautiful appearance with black interlayer of the seal glass unit. Don’t shrink or split.

Choice of exterior mouldings

The available exterior mouldings adapt to all constructions in Quebec.

Molded directly into the extrusion, they eliminate all possibilities of water infiltration and cold.

They allow the sealed glass units to be placed in the hot part of the wall to reduce the risk of visible moisture on the glass.

They also give relief and a different appearance to a window.

Double Nature interior finish

The Duo Double Nature window offers several shades of interior finish.

It is an affordable financial compromise vs the all-wood window by offering a warm grain of wood look.

Opening at 90 degrees

Clear of the frame, its opening allows easy maintenance.

Allows easy cleaning from the inside by simply opening the shutter.

Possibilities of Egress hinges, aperture limiting or semi-operative (see hardware).

double nature awning

The awning window opens outwards, from bottom to top.

Ideal for a basement vs rain.

Allows unobstructed view of the kitchen window above the counter.

Folding handle

Beautiful for the inside.

The handle harmonizes well with the window and folds in its case for a more beautiful aesthetics.

Multipoint lock with steel anchor

It locks instantly with its stainless steel anchors.

Metal anchors are unbreakable unlike PVC anchors.

The system allows the shap to be glued to the frame for better insulation.

E-gress hinges and opening limiter

The Egress hinge clears as much as possible to allow evacuation in case of emergency.

Optional opening limiter option to ensure increased child safety.

Choice of barrotin

For a different design, the barrotin.

The beam, placed on the outside of the seal glass unit transforms the window image.

The Énergiverre

This seal glass unit consist of 2 windows with the Swisspacer interlayer with Low-E coating and argon gas.

Allows to keep the maximum solar gain inside for a reduction of heating costs.

The Climativerre

This seal glass unit consist of 2 windows with the Swisspacer interlayer with a Low-E coating and argon gas.

Allows a lower input of solar gain for a more comfortable atmosphere in summer.

Significantly reduces air conditioning costs. Ideal on heavily sunny walls.


TSeal glass unit consisting of 2 special windows with the Swisspacer interlayer promoting peace of mind, option of Energiverre or Climativerre seal glass unit.

The Acoustiverre seal glass unit is more efficient in terms of noise transmission reduction (STC) than a regular one.

The swisspacer

At Fenexart, we prefer the Swisspacer tab.

This feature eliminates the plastic corners that often cause gas to leak and water vapour to enter between the lenses.

The Swisspacer has the lowest level of thermal conductivity on the market.

The tripleverre

Seal glass unit consists of 3 windows with 2 Swisspacer dividers and can have Low-E argon gas once or twice.

Provides superior insulation to cold and noise. However, it is heavier than double-walled seal glass unit.

Choice of tiles

The most varied offer with countless possibilities.

Of all shapes and sizes.

New; tiling 1 3/4 inches.

Choice of solid paint

More than 100 solid color choices, both outside and inside the product by our own Dumoulin paint factory.

Double Nature Tint

Choice of interior tint for hybrid window Duo. Oak, pecan, mahogany, walnut, cedar and ebony.

A compromise of maintenance and finance for the appearance of wood.

The passion of colour

Peinture Dumoulin was founded in 1980. At the time, the main activity of the company was making kitchen cabinet finishing.

In 1982, the company took off with the start of painting steel doors.

After a few years, the activities of the company expanded by adding a paint shop of PVC windows as well as, windows and aluminum extrusions.

To meet growing demand, the factory was expanded to 27,000 square feet to accommodate the expansion of our six paint chambers. In total, more than 25 employees are part of the Dumoulin team of the Aluminart group.

Primers that last

Specialist in glazing doors and windows, we use Flexacron™ HR liquid paint, a high-quality, heat-resistant paint. Flexacron HR is an elastomeric polyurethane coating product consisting of a pigmented component and a clear, reactive processing agent. It gradually transforms into a protective film against ultraviolet rays, pollutants, abrasive agents, as well as acid rain.

Flexacron HR has been formulated with highly selective pigments that reflect infrared sunlight. This very special property reduces heat accumulation on the surface of exposed PVC and the temperature remains low enough to prevent warping and discolouration.

This ensures that the color you choose will remain durable and beautiful for years to come.

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