Casement and awning windows

Chosen for their high energetic efficiency, the casement window is valued by a majority of home-improvers. Its estheticism, its opening and maintenance convenience combine with its isolation system make it consumers first choice.

The casement window is offer in all uPVC, in hybrid (aluminum exterior – uPVC interior), in all wood or in all aluminum.

Casement window choice of component


The window is composed of uPVC pure at 100% by our  PH Tech supplier, known for its high quality standards.


The hybrid window is build of a PVC interior and an aluminum exterior. It is ideal for anyone looking for colour et solidity.

Double Nature

With an aluminum exterior and a teint PVC interior, this model offers a wooden interior apperance in multiple tint for an easier maintenance.


Cozy and timeless, the wooden window, with an aluminum or all wood exterior, offers a high end definition.

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