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Steel doors

Steel is the most sought-after material for a replacement door. Excellent value for money, it offers perfect insulation for any type of building. Equipped with a cold cut, painted to your liking and embellished with glass of your choice, steel doors will surely give more value to your property.

Choice of stain glass Fenexart

Contemporaines creation

The Chanelle

Sublime !

Welded patinated rods

Chinchilla glass, Niagara

et carreaux verre clair biseauté


Size 23 x 49

The Shiraz

Recent model !

Rods silver satin not welded

Verre Linea, Corduroy et

bande claire


Grandeur 23 x 49

The Gabriella

Beautiful in its simplicity !

Non welded satin silver rods,

Verre Screen, Canva,

Carreaux verre clair,


Size 23 x 49

The Bohémia

De most contemporary !

Black aluminum rods

non soudées,

Verre Masterline, acide gris,

Carreaux gris transparents


Size 23 x 65

Classiques creation
Évangéline II

Most classic !

Welded zinc rods,

Glue chip glass, Sydney,

Clear beveled glass.


Size 23 x 49

The bistro

An absolute chic !

Welded patinated rods,

Verre Chinchilla, Diamanté,

Verre clair biseauté,


Size 23 x 49

The céleste

Elegant in its simplicity !

Welded patinated rods,

Verre Aqualite et petit martelé

Carreaux verre clair biseauté,


size 23 x 49

The Whisler

In high demand !

Soldered antique lead rods,

Verre Kasumi, Corduroy,

Screen, biseauté


Size 23 x 49

The mystique

Most ornamental !

Welded zinc rods,

Glass glue chip, granite,

Clear beveled glass


size 23 x 49

Épurées creation


The most in vogue !

Glossy glass and screen,

en alternance


size 23 x 18

in 1 -2 or 3 sections

The Azur

In 3 dimensions !

Screen printed glass in ink

Clear glass,


size 23 x 13

in 1-2-3-4 sections

The transit

A beautiful value !

Screen printed glass in ink

Clear glass.


size 23 x 49

The Edge

The most refined !

Sandblasted glass and

clear glass border


size 23 x 49 or 65

The fragrance

Simple and beautiful !

Sandblasted glass with

clear glass line.


size 23 x 49

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Other choice of stained glass

Novatech Collection

Tao means agreement with nature. The horizontal lines of the door were worked to provide flexibility and movement to the smooth surface of the steel.


The classic style in its greatest simplicity. Clean and balanced, the Winchester offers a rich and contrasting blend of satin, clear glass and black patinated chopsticks.


The Oso door is made of discreet lines with well-studied relief that give it a most refined effect. Its asymmetry allows the integration of a glazing – the solution of choice for narrow entrances – or a drawing bar for a chic look.


A stained glass window with an urban look designed for today’s architectural styles. Its asymmetrical and minimalist composition of flat patinated baguettes and satin finished glass combine with the volumes and materials of contemporary houses.

Vitre-Art Collection

Stem illustrated in pewter. The Immola stained glass window consists of 3 different windows tinted mainly of bronze. Available in several sizes.


Practical and aesthetic. The stain glass unit with digital print to choose on clear or frosted acid background.


Stem illustrated in black. Incorporates original windows including the Superline.


Contemporary to taste. One of the most sold models in the Vitre-Art range.

Clear vertical border allows to see outside. Several sizes available.

Verre Sélect Collection

Simple and harmonious. Stained-glass window with seamless satin silver rod. Comes in different sizes.


In demand. Stained-glass window with non welded stem silver or soldered tin. Several possible sizes.


Contemporary and beveled glass allowing to see the guest outside.

Tin rod not welded.


Beautiful stained glass. Soldered lead rod with a combination of frosted and clear bevelled glass for outdoor viewing.

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