Aluminum sliding window


Models of aluminum window

Aluminum casement window

5700 model

The aluminum casement window allows minimal maintenance thanks to its enamelled finish baked on a robust and rigid extrusion.

The depth of the frame is offered in 4¨,5 1/4¨, 6 1/4¨, 7 1/2¨, 8 1/2¨.

The opening allows easy cleaning of the interior. The locking mechanism is multipoint and the handle is folded and recessed.

Aluminum awning window

5800 model

The awning window is made with aluminum extrusion on both sides and a baked enamel finish.

It offers the same depth as the casement window.

It opens from down upward. It has multipoint locks on each side.

Fixed frame

Fixed model

The fixed aluminum window is made with aluminum extrusions on both sides with a baked enamel finish.

The depth of the frame is offered in 4¨, 5 1/4¨, 6 1/4¨ et 7 1/4¨.

It allows a wide range of sizes.

Meets Energy Star Zone ABCD standards

Hopper window

5260 model

Aluminum window


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