Here is the new signature of
Contracto 2000, FENEXART
Same company, new banner!


For some time, Contracto 2000 inc. displays a new banner, Fenexart, a signature of Contracto 2000 inc.

More modern banner, but with the same corporate name, our team has the same know-how and the same desire to help you with your renovations, whether for your doors, windows or patio doors, from sale to installation. Also note that previous warranties continue to be honored without any changes.

Our doors and windows in Sherbrooke


History of Contracto 2000


Contracto 2000 Doors and Windows is well established in the Sherbrooke area . We have been established for over 21 years in the Rock Forest area. We are specialists in the field of residential renovation and self-contracting.

Our experienced sales team will be able to accompany you throughout your purchase process by offering you expert advice on the quality of our products and on the design that will embellish your home. Our parent company, Aluminart Architectural, based in Montreal for 50 years now, has been promoting Quebec products by sourcing from Quebec manufacturers such as PHTECH in Lévis, Robover in Quebec, Novatech in Ste-Julie. Aluminart Architectural was one of the first manufacturers in Canada to introduce the Hybrid window, which is a combination of aluminum and PVC. This achievement was possible due to their extensive experience in the two distinct products, aluminum and PVC.

Recently, we undertook to modernize our corporate image by renovating our showroom as well as displaying our new banner, Fenexart.

Recommandé par CAA-Québec

Fenexart was chosen and recommended by CAA Québec for the 21st consecutive year in the Estrie region.

Demonstration room of Contracto 2000, a signature of Fenexart
Logo recommandé par CAA Québec

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